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Artesan stocks the following premium brands..

Narex Bystrice

Narex Bystrice is a Czech producer of quality hand tools with a proud manufacturing tradition since 1919. Enjoying a worldwide reputation for quality and durability, Narex produces a constantly expanding range of products with a particular focus on traditional woodworking hand tools.

With over 90 years of proud history in producing traditional hand tools, Narex Bystrice manufactures a wide range of products, including the quality woodworking chisels for which the company is well known internationally.

A focus on high quality and a proactive approach to innovation has contibuted to the company’s continued success, and is the reason why Narex ranks highly among major global hand tools manufacturers.


Crown Hand Tools

As a family owned company, Crown Hand Tools and their loyal staff have been proudly manufacturing traditional woodworking hand tools for over fifty years.

Handmade to the finest quality, Crown has found the perfect equilibrium between tradition and innovation, making their tools beautiful as well as functional.

Their Master Craftsmen hand forge, temper and grind their tools as their ancestors did, whilst also using modern processes and materials, such as Cryogenics and Powder Metallurgy.

This combination of old and new techniques ensures they are giving their customers what they consider the best quality hand tools available.


Woodwell Tools Manufacturing Ltd

Founded in 1982, Woodwell has been serving furniture manufacturers, renovation professionals and DIY-ers worldwide for more than 30 years.

The Mujingfang brand is recognised by its full range of woodworking tools including hammers, chisels, axes, saws, rulers, and wooden hand planes.

These beautifully made traditional tools will delight the most exacting craftsman.


Qiangsheng (Quangsheng) Tools Co. Ltd

Qiangsheng Tools is located in Hangzhou Bay, China and was founded in 1997. It is famous for manufacturing high quality modern tools inspired by classic and collectible tried and true designs, not least their range of bench planes with a modern take on the Stanley Bedrock.

Sold in Australia under the Luban brand name, these tools are known internationally under a variety of different brands including Quangsheng and are renowned for quality production at an affordable price.