Standard Line Woodturning Chisels Set



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Standard Line 6 Piece Woodturning Chisel Set


SKU: NRX-859503 | Standard Line 6 Piece Woodturning Chisel Set in wooden box

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The set contains:

Size Type
Straight chisel NRX-817021
Skew Chisel NRX-817121
Skew hand tool NRX-817821
Skew hand tool NRX-817921
Shallow Gouge NRX-817021
Parting Gouge NRX-818121

These Standard Line woodturning chisels are made of quality tool steel, heat treated up to 60 HRc.

Blades are fully ground and sharpened. Ergonomic round handles made of beech wood have dimensions 240 x

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Narex Bystrice


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